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This site is located on my personal home server situated in my office via an ADSL connection. The server is a Debian Linux system and the Internet software is Apache. If you are interested in how this is done and want to try it yourself then look at the Linux link in the menu.

This server is also acts as a time server and is part of the UK pool of servers which you can find out about at you are planning to setup a server and you have a static public IP address then think about donating a very small portion of your bandwidth and host an NTP server yourself.

The main object of the site is to present genealogy information relating to the OATS family that comes from the West Penwith area of Cornwall. In case you are wondering what the browser address bar icon of a white cross on a blackground is, it's the Cornish flag. The site is very much in the development phase and more and more information will be added in time.


In addition to the OATS family, I have also done some research on my other grandparents and there is quite a lot of information on the following surnames;BESWETHERICK and LUGG.
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History of the West Penwith area

The history of the area is integrated with with the geology and in many ways it has shaped the destiny of the people of the region. Tin has been recovered there by many methods since the time the pyramids were built and if you think that this may be somewhat boring then you might be surprised. I will be putting together a document in this section detailing the history back to those far off times. Here is a taster the Island today known as Britain gets its name from this region. Named by Pytheas (c. 380 - 310 BC).

I hope you find the information useful and enjoy the site. If you have any suggestions or comments or would like to contact me then please e-mail me
Rob Oats
Sept 2007